Sweating joy

A warm welcome

A comforting hug for the soul.

I feel the warmth of the Stuffer family at all times. But there are even more heat sources at the Cendevaves. The heat of the Finnish sauna invigorates my every cell and the scents in the steam bath clear my head and respiratory tract. I round off my sauna sessions with a cooling down in the ice grotto, under the adventure shower or in the snow-covered garden. If I can find balance anywhere, it's here.

Sassolungo grotto
Steam bath with a new aroma every day

The Turkish steam bath is named after the famous Dolomite peak and landmark of Val Gardena, the Sassolungo. My favourite thing to do here is to enjoy the effect of the soothing warmth and pleasant fragrances for 20 to 30 minutes. Citro-orange, mountain pine, green apple, camomile-juniper: a new fragrance experience awaits me every day.

Swiss stone pine sauna
Finnish sauna with Swiss stone pine aroma

As soon as I open the sauna door, I become enveloped in a pleasant, soothing aroma. The positive effects of local stone pine wood have been known for centuries and can be felt within minutes. I can literally feel how my immune system gets stimulated, my heart rate is lowered and the recovery process is accelerated.

A refreshing experience
Ice grotto, experience showers and a snow-covered garden

After a session in the sauna, the ice grotto leaves my body and mind refreshed and clear. I can also go directly from the saunas into the garden and cool off in the mountain air or with the fresh snow. I love the invigorating tingling sensation on my skin. The mint-eucalyptus scent from the experience shower intensifies the sense of freshness and the colour effects create a setting of pure harmony.

Relaxation in view

Days of relaxation in a unique, secluded location

Pools and panorama

Water world

Moments of silence

Relaxation zones

Alpine meadow aromas

Wellness garden

Rocky neighbours

Panoramic location

Alpine Silence

The promise of peace