Calm down

Rest and retreat

This is what relaxation sounds like. Very quiet.

I find the luxury of peace everywhere in and around the Cendevaves Alpine Silence. Nevertheless, there are a few places where silence reaches its maximum and relaxation can take root deep inside.

Waterbed slumber zone
Like floating on clouds

On the water-soft, well-tempered beds that sway with your movements, I can let myself be gently rocked to sleep, enjoy a daydream and find inner balance in the surrounding peace.

Panoramic relaxation area
Peace in view

Snug in the cosy warmth of the stove, I can let my gaze wander over the rocky mountains of the Dolomites. From my panoramic lounger I have a clear view of the high plateau of Monte Pana.

Quiet alpine pasture
A quiet journey through time

More than 230 million years ago, the tops of coral reefs and atolls rose out of the water in what is now the Dolomites region and formed tropical islands. In the “Silent Alm” I feel transported to this warm, humid climate with its fragrant flora.

New relaxation zones
The best outlook for peace

I can always find a free place to relax. in the new Skypool area on the upper floor. The clear views of the entire high plateau and the Sassolungo ensures that all everyday thoughts float off into the distance.

Gymnastic & meditation room
Moving peace and quiet

The key here is quiet fitness. In the large, light-flooded gym and meditation room with mats, I find space for my yoga routine, meditation and body weight exercises.

Relaxation in view

Days of relaxation in a unique, secluded location

Alpine Silence

The promise of peace

Pools and panorama

Water world

Wonderful warmth


Alpine meadow aromas

Wellness garden

Rocky neighbours

Panoramic location